Here you can find our price list for GAME ON - all prices including VAT 👇

persons Price
up to 4 people 200€ fixed price
5-8 people 39€ per person
9-16 people 35€ per person
17-24 people 29€ per person

There is a refrigerator in each of our rooms. You can help yourself here at any time, even during the games, so that you stay hydrated! 💪

Single drink (non-alcoholic) €3.00
Drinks flat rate (alcohol-free) €7.00

Example: You are coming with 10 people and would like to book a drinks flat rate: (10x €35) + (10x €7) = €420.

Here you can find our various events. Please choose the event that suits you and your group depending on the date of the GAME ON. You can find more information on the detail pages 🤟