Who do you play GAME ON with?

GAME ON offers the best experience if you are already familiar with the other participants. No matter whether you are having a bachelor party, team building with work colleagues, a group of sports club friends or simply a group of friends. You are completely alone in your group & are always alone in every room.

How many people can we go to GAME ON?

Maximum 24 people per room. This means we can distribute a maximum of 72 people to our 3 rooms at the same time. A maximum of 24 people can be booked per timeslot. For example, if you would like to book 72 people, please book the same period 3 times. If you have any questions about large groups, just contact us here . You are completely alone in your group & are always alone in every room.

How old do you have to be to play GAME ON?

Our classic GAME ON is designed for teenagers and adults. But we also have a variant for children/students. So that we can plan for this, please send us a request before booking that it is a GAME ON with children so that we can prepare everything for you in the best possible way.

In which variations can you play GAME ON?

The traditional GAME ON system offers the team variant, while the individual system is available for up to four participants. You can simply write the game system you want in your booking request.

What are the main topics at GAME ON?

We offer a variety of topics, including skill, sport and knowledge.

What clothing do I need for GAME ON?

You don't need any extra sports clothing. It's enough if you can move easily in your clothes. And you don't sweat much either.

How are the points valued at GAME ON?

In every game you have the opportunity to collect points. The exact distribution of points will be explained before the start of the GAME ON event.

Are you allowed to bring and consume your own food and drinks?

It is not permitted to bring your own food and drinks.

How do I get to GAME ON and when is it open?

You can find more information here .

Here you can find our various events. Please choose the event that suits you and your group depending on the date of the GAME ON. You can find more information on the detail pages 🤟