What is GAME ON?

GAME ON is the ultimate team event in the middle of Düsseldorf. Teams compete against each other in exciting duels in the areas of knowledge, skill and sport. You get points for each game. The team that has scored the most points across all three categories takes home the overall victory! The whole thing is led by our game leaders. We offer a wide range of games that we put together to perfectly suit you and your team. Regardless of whether it is a company event, a time together with friends, family, the club or the stag or hen party - with us the fun factor is guaranteed and unforgettable moments are inevitable! We have recently also developed games for children and school groups. Please always make an inquiry first.

Be ready for the adventure and: GAME ON! 🤟

Companies that have already taken part 💪

  • To know

    Show your general knowledge, make accurate estimates and prove your intelligence. With a lot of cool games, we offer the perfect mix of fun and competition in the knowledge room.

  • skill

    In the skills room, the focus is on skill and teamwork. Prove your skills, be nimble and experience exciting duels full of thrills.

  • Sports

    Things really get going in the sports room. Teams battle each other in cool sports games, full of excitement and entertainment. It will be wild, funny and sporty at the same time.

  • strategy

    In all three areas, strategy is the key to success. Organize your team according to your strengths so that you emerge as a winner in the end.

That's why GAME ON is the perfect team event!

For any occasion

No matter whether it's a birthday, company event, JGA or just because: GAME ON is the competitive event for every occasion.

Team building

GAME ON promotes collaboration and strengthens bonds between team members. It helps build trust and improve team dynamics.


GAME ON can increase motivation because it offers a welcome change from everyday work life and the team members have a lot of fun together.


GAME ON promotes communication as participants have to exchange information and develop strategies together to complete tasks. This can improve team communication skills.


GAME ON is a kind of safe zone and allows you to really have fun with work colleagues and not talk about work topics.


GAME ON requires creative solutions and ways of thinking that can have a positive impact on the creative abilities of participants.

Do you have any questions or would you like to book spontaneously? Then just write to us here 👇

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